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Technical Cofounder

For parents of 5 to 11-year old children, GrowSafe is a gamified financial education mobile app that helps kids learn about financial literacy concepts. Unlike Banzai, Zogo, and other financial literacy products, GrowSafe is focused on a gamified mobile app experience for the youngest kids. I’m a backend software developer with experience in marketing & growth.
Technical Cofounder Role
I’m seeking a technical cofounder with mobile app development experience or interest in building out those skills. Whether you’re more experienced or you’re just starting your career and would love to work on a new product, we definitely can find a place for you. 

Nice to haves (but not necessarily):
- Mobile app development (e.g. React Native)
- Game development (e.g. Unity)
- Product design
A combination of salary and equity! We can talk this through to figure out what makes the most sense to you.

Interested in helping out?

Let us know what else you need help teaching! Whether that's budgeting, investing, or a good financial mindset, we're always developing new content for your children.

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