Financial literacy, starting at ages 5-7
We combine gamified lessons with personalized bonding activities to help your family learn about money and build relationships along the way!

What skills does GrowSafe help your child develop?

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Intro to Math
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Money Basics

GrowSafe delivers math & financial
basics to fit your child's needs

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Interactive Lessons

Our interactive lessons form the building blocks of childhood education, using national-level financial literacy & math standards

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Bonding Activities

GrowSafe gives you custom recommendations for activities to do alongside your child, based on their learning goals

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Educational Games

GrowSafe improves reading, counting, and math skills through spaced repetition and fun learning games

Interested in helping out?

Let us know what else you need help teaching! Whether that's budgeting, investing, or a good financial mindset, we're always developing new content for your children.

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