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We're a team of builders & dreamers that want to help kids avoid the mistakes we already made!
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Hi there! I'm Jeff!

When my dad first moved to the US at age 24, we had nothing. I was lucky enough to learn a bit about money growing up, but we just didn't have the time & resources to learn financial literacy. After countless mistakes (with credit cards, stocks, savings, and more...), we want to make sure all kids have the opportunity to reach their full potential, starting at just 5 years old!

That's how I came up with GrowSafe, a guide to financial literacy for you and your children. We'll teach your kids great money management through interactive lessons and give you educational activities to do with them along the way!
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Interested in helping out?

Let us know what else you need help teaching! Whether that's budgeting, investing, or a good financial mindset, we're always developing new content for your children.

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