It's never too early to teach your kids about money
For children ages 5 and up, GrowSafe delivers leading-edge financial literacy content through games, all in a mobile app!
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How it works

GrowSafe's app uses a combination of quizzes, interactive lessons, and games:

- Learning standards from the Council of Economic Education
- Pre and post-assessments to see how your kids are improving
- Customizable real-world rewards mean your kids get more, just for learning!

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Man with his son learning on a tablet
Mom and dad helping kid learn on iPad

Why we're different

Traditional financial literacy content:
- Not interesting for kids
- Not learning on the go
- Doesn't teach the life skills your kids need

What we do differently:
- Built by educators & game developers
- Learn anytime, mobile-friendly
- Backed by credit unions & local banks

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Interested in learning more?

Try our web-based demo!
- 4 introductory courses
- 4 rapid tutorials
- Learn how the game works

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2 kids learning about money on a tablet
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